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Grade 1 Books Overview

I Like Me - Nancy Carlson

The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

Giraffes Can't Dance - Giles Andreae

Wolf! - Becky Bloom

Grade 1 Discontinued Books

Doggie In The Window - Elaine Arsenault (Discontinued)

Wolf! – Activity #3: “Perseverance Buddies”

  • Grade 1
  • Wolf! – Activity #3: “Perseverance Buddies”

Activity #3: “Perseverance Buddies”

Students further identify with characters in the story that have demonstrated perseverance. This activity also helps students learn the importance of completing their work.


  • Large Cow-shaped template (provided)
  • Large Sheep-shaped template (provided)
  • Large Pig-shaped template (provided)
  • 11 x 17 inch white paper
  • Glasses template (provided)
  • Black construction paper
  • Paint
  • White pencil crayon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black construction paper

Teacher Preparation:

  • Print and enlarge each animal outline onto 11 x 17 inch paper
  • Trace enough glasses onto black construction paper in white pencil crayon for each student


Step by Step:

Step One: Discuss the importance of completing assignments. This is a social skill that is important for students to learn at a young age. Explain to the students that they should go through these four steps when completing assignments:

  • Ask yourself, “Is my work finished?
  • Look over each step to be sure.
  • When you are sure the work is done, say to yourself. “Good for me. I finished it!”
  • Hand it in.

Step Two: Discuss the importance of avoiding distractions while working. Again, this is another social skill that is important for students to learn at a young age. Explain to the students that they should go through these four steps when trying to avoid distractions. When presented with a potential distraction:

  • Count to five.
  • Say to yourself, “I won’t look. I will keep on working.”
  • Continue to work.
  • Say to yourself, “Good for me. I did it.”

Step Three: Students select which animal from the story they would like to create: cow, sheep, or pig.

Step Four: Provide each student with the outline of the animal of their choice and the traced glasses.

Step Five: Students cut out their animal.

Step Six: Students paint and decorate their animal (including facial features).

Step Seven: Students cut out their ‘perseverance’ glasses and glue them onto their animal.

Optional: mount each Perseverance Buddy onto black construction paper to make it stand out. Trim black paper so it creates a 1/2 inch border around the entire face.

Optional: instead of 11 x 17 inch paper, use a thicker paper, such as tag board or cardboard.


End Product:

Painted cows, pigs, and sheep each wearing their own perseverance glasses. Mount these on a bulletin board to show that everyone perseveres!



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