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Grade 1 Books Overview

I Like Me - Nancy Carlson

The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

Giraffes Can't Dance - Giles Andreae

Wolf! - Becky Bloom

Grade 1 Discontinued Books

Doggie In The Window - Elaine Arsenault (Discontinued)

I Like Me – Activity #1: “Good News Wishing Well”

  • Grade 1
  • I Like Me – Activity #1: “Good News Wishing Well”

Activity #1: “Good News Wishing Well”

This is a social skill development activity. Students identify and express positive things about themselves, including why they like themselves.


  • Chart paper
  • Felt pens
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sentence stem (provided)
  • Black paper, slightly larger than sentence stems
  • 1 piece light blue 11 x 17 inch paper
  • 1 paper wishing well (black) (template provided)
  • 1 piece of 3 x 7 inch black paper
  • 1 piece of 3 x 7 inch burlap
  • 1 piece of green paper
  • 1 piece of red paper
  • 1 piece of brown paper
  • 1 piece 4 x 4 inch brown paper
  • 1 piece 4 x 4 inch yellow paper
  • Wool or heavy thread, 4 inches long
  • Scraps of orange, yellow, and red paper

Teacher Preparation:

  • Cut the coloured paper/burlap pieces for each student


Step by Step:

Step One: Write the heading, “Good News” at the top of the chart paper and review the many thing that the character in the story liked about herself.


  • She was her own best friend.
  • She could draw beautiful pictures.
  • She could ride a bicycle fast.
  • She could take care of herself by brushing her teeth, eating good food and keeping clean.
  • She liked the way she looked with her tiny feet.
  • When she felt bad, she could cheer herself up.
  • She liked being who she was.

Step Two: On the same (or new) chart paper, write the sentence stem “I like myself because…” and have the students brainstorm things that they like about themselves.

  • Examples: “I like myself because… I am helpful, I have long hair, I finish all my work, I am a good friend, etc.”

Step Three: Provide the students with the sentence stems and have them finish the sentence on their own.

Step Four: Provide each student with all the necessary pieces of construction paper.

Step Five: Create the background first:

  • Students tear a circle from the yellow paper to form the shape of a sun.
  • Students tear scraps of orange, yellow & red paper to make the rays of the sunshine
  • Students tear the green paper into 1 inch horizontal strips to create grass.
  • Glue each of these components to the large light blue paper. Some of the blue paper should show through to be the sky.

Step Six: Students horizontally glue the 3 x 7 inch black paper onto scene near the middle of the page.

Step Seven: Students glue the 3 x 7 inch piece of burlap on top of the black paper. This completes the roof of the well.

Step Eight: Students tear the red and brown paper to form the outside wall of the wishing well. Students alternate the red and brown pieces to make a pattern. A couple inches below the roof, students glue these pieces on to form the wall of the well.

Step Nine: Students cut a small bucket out of the 4 x 4 inch brown paper.

Step Ten: Students glue the bucket to their well, using piece of wool or heavy thread as the rope coming from the bucket to the top of the wishing well.

Step Eleven: Students glue their sentence stem onto black paper and then glue to the bottom of their wishing wells.


End Product:

A Good News Wishing Well in an outdoor scene that happily indicates what the students like about themselves.




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