The Okay Book – Todd Parr

The Okay Book

Written by Todd Parr


This book is about understanding that the specific things that make each of us unique are okay. The book is simple, yet effective in helping students discover the different things in life that are okay.

It helps students not only accept themselves for who they are, but also to accept others for who they are as well. Examples include: It’s okay to be short; It’s okay to be tall; It’s okay to wear different coloured socks.


  • frosting
  • freckles
  • ‘hang out’



Before Reading

Ask the students: Can you think of one thing that you like that others might not like? (An example could be a food item, an animal, etc.) As the teacher, be the first one to offer an idea of something you like. After each student volunteers their answer, remind them that “It’s okay, isn’t it?”

After Reading

Choose examples in the Parr book and ask the students if it relates to them. For example: It’s okay to have freckles. Put your hand up if you have freckles. And that’s okay! It’s okay to wear glasses. Put your hand up if you wear glasses. And that’s okay! Put your hand up if one of your parents wears glasses. And that’s okay! It’s okay to be scared. Put your hand up if you have ever been scared. And that’s okay!


Fin’s Tales – Can You Help

Help me! What’s Okay?

  • I’m playing a hockey game and I don’t agree with the referee’s call. I yell at the referee. Is that okay?
  • I play street hockey with my friends on the weekend. I like to wear my favourite yellow jersey even though all my friends are wearing different coloured jerseys. Is that okay?
  • One of my friends always likes to wear two different coloured socks when he plays hockey. I think it’s funny and would like to tease him about it. Is that okay?
  • After the game, all of my friends eat pizza. I prefer to eat spaghetti. Is that okay?

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