The Okay Book – Activity #1: "What’s Okay"

Activity #1: “What’s Okay?”


  • 15cm story strips
  • Pocket chart

Teacher Preparation:

  • Write statements of ‘Okay’ examples and ‘Not Okay’ examples on the story strips.
  • Examples: Not include a classmate at recess; Eat jello with a fork; Wear red shoes; Read the same book three times; Come to school late every day.


Step by Step:

Step one: Create two headings on your pocket chart: ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘It’s Not Okay’.

Step Two: Hold up the statement cards and read each example. Ask the students if the statement should be placed under the ‘It’s Okay’ heading or whether it should be placed under the ‘It’s Not Okay’ heading.

Optional: With the brainstormed “It’s Okay” ideas, write a few ideas on long strips of manila tag (tape or staple end to end). Photograph groups of children holding up their “It’s Okay” statement. Post the developed photos on the bulletin board with other “It’s Okay” activities.


End Product:

A very specific visual reminder to students of what is ‘okay’ and what is ‘not okay’.

Fun with Fin:

Use the Fin Puppet as the ‘coach,’ helping to provide positive feedback to the answers that the students give. He congratulates them as they place the statements under the appropriate headings.



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