The Recess Queen – Activity #1: “Stop! Think! Act!”

  • Kindergarten
  • The Recess Queen – Activity #1: “Stop! Think! Act!”

Activity #1: “Stop! Think! Act!”


  • Construction paper (black, red, yellow, and green)
  • Circle tracer (teacher selects size)
  • White pencil crayon

Teacher Preparation:

  • Find an object in the classroom that can be used as a circle tracer.
  • Trace enough circles so that each student has one red circle, one yellow circle, and one green circle.


Step by Step:

Step One: Students think about a traffic light: When the traffic light is ‘red’, what do drivers do? When it is ‘yellow’, what do drivers think about? And finally, when the light turns ‘green’, what would the driver do?

Step Two: Have each student cut out a circle in all three colours (red, yellow, green).

Step Three: Glue the coloured circles onto the black construction paper in the colour-order of a traffic light.

Step Four: Using the white pencil crayon, have the students write the words ‘Stop’, ‘Think’ and ‘Act’ beside the coloured circles. red = stop, yellow = think, green = act

Optional: Mount coloured circles onto white paper instead of black paper and use black crayon/ink to write the words beside the circles. Words are clearly displayed


End Product:

  • A traffic light visual to remind the students to ‘stop’ and ‘think’ before they ‘act’.

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