Odd Velvet – Activity #4: “Great Idea Circle”

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  • Odd Velvet – Activity #4: “Great Idea Circle”

Activity #4: “Great Idea Circle”


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Teacher Preparation:

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Step by Step: 

Step One: Arrange the children in a circle on the floor.

Step Two: Have each student think of a great idea. For example: starting a new game at recess; planning a birthday party, playing fairly with your brother.

Step Three: Choose one student to start. This student tells the person on his/her right a great idea. The student to the right must respond with, “That’s a great idea because…” For example, the dialogue could go like this:

  • Student #1: “It would be a great idea to start a new game at recess.”
  • Student #2: “That a great idea because games are really fun. I think playing nicely with my sister is fun.”
  • Student #3: “That’s a great idea because you are including your sister. I think eating plain macaroni is yummy.”

Step Four: After each student has had a turn, ask them which was easier, thinking of an idea or coming up with a reason why something else was a great idea.


End Product:

Students have the opportunity to listen, share, create, and be recognized as good thinkers.

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