Skill-Building #3: Listening

Skill-Building #3: Listening

The social skills of listening, sharing, and saying “sorry” are important for students to learn at a young age. Here are some discussion ideas that can be used to teach these social skills.


Social Skill: Listening

Student Steps:

Step One: Look at the person who is talking.

  • Point out to students that sometimes others may think someone is not listening, even though they have heard every word that was said.
  • Sit quietly.
  • This is a way to show someone that you are really listening.

Step Two: Think about what is being said.

  • Emphasize to the students that it is important to sit facing each other. As well, a reminder to the students that this should be a serious environment, one that is conducive to active listening. In other words, refraining from being silly or distracted by fidgeting when the person is talking.

Step Three: Say yes or nod your head.

  • Emphasize that both verbal and nonverbal messages are important to show that a person is listening.

Step Four: Ask a question to find out more.

  • Discuss what some relevant questions could be in a given conversation. Emphasize that these questions should not be changing the topic.

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