Odd Velvet – Activity #2: “What’s In Your Heart?”

  • Kindergarten
  • Odd Velvet – Activity #2: “What’s In Your Heart?”

Activity #2: “What’s In Your Heart?”


  • Heart template (provided)
  • Red or pink and black construction paper
  • Felt markers
  • Crayons

Teacher Preparation:

  • N/A


Step by Step:

Step One: Brainstorm ideas about all the good things that are in our hearts, using the sentence below. Try to encourage words related to compassion. Review the meaning of compassion if necessary.

  • “I have _______________________ in my heart.”
  • Examples: I have patience in my heart. I have love in my heart. I have smiles in my heart.

Step Two: Using a ‘heart-shaped’ tracer, have each student trace around the heart and cut it out.

Step Three: Using dark felt markers, have the students write what they have in their hearts referring to the brainstormed ideas onto their own heart.

Step Four: The students can decorate their hearts.

Optional: Students can mount their hearts onto black construction paper.


End Product:

Glue this completed heart shape onto the puppet of Odd Velvet, created in the next activity. Or, simply display on a bulletin board.

Fun with Fin:

Print and cut the Fin image provided to an appropriate size. Create a heart for Fin. Glue it to Fin’s chest and post on the bulletin board with the students’ hearts.


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