Hunter’s Best Friend at School – Activity #2: "Bus Load of Friends"

  • Kindergarten
  • Hunter’s Best Friend at School – Activity #2: "Bus Load of Friends"

Activity #2: “Bus Load of Friends”


  • Bus template (provided)
  • ‘Little Person’ template (provided)
  • Stiff tag board
  • 15cm (6 inch) pieces of yarn
  • Crayons, felt markers, or paints
  • Yellow and black paper from roll

Teacher Preparation:

  • Enlarge the bus to the size of a bulletin board (using the overhead projector). Trace the bus onto a large sheet of yellow paper. Cut along the outside of the bus, including large holes for windows.
  • Use the black paper to cut two wheels for the bus. Attach the yellow bus and wheels to the bulletin board.
  • Trace enough ‘little people’ on stiff tag board for each student in the class. Cut out (or students can do this).
  • Prepare enough 15cm (6 inch) pieces of yarn so that each student has two pieces.


Step by Step:

Step One: Have each student colour/paint a ‘little person’, including the face.

Step Two: Have the students glue the yarn pieces on as hair.

Step Three: Pin the various ‘little people’ to the window areas of the bus.

Optional: Adult helpers use a glue gun to attach the yarn for the hair.


End Product:

A large school bus filled with smiling children side-by-side inside the windows.

Fun with Fin:

Print and cut the Fin image provided to an appropriate size. Include Fin in a window of the bus with all the little people.


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