Personal and Social Competency – B. Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profile

  • Introduction
  • Personal and Social Competency – B. Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profile


    B. Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profile

Personal awareness and responsibility includes the skills, strategies, and dispositions that help students to stay healthy and active, set goals, monitor progress, regulate emotions, respect their own rights and the rights of others, manage stress, and persevere in difficult situations. Students who demonstrate personal awareness and responsibility demonstrate self-respect and express a sense of personal well-being.

Personal awareness and responsibility is one of three interrelated competencies that relate to the broad area of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL):

  1.     Positive personal and cultural identity (PPCI)
  2.     Personal awareness and responsibility
  3.     Social responsibility

In considering a student’s development, it is important to connect all three of these competencies. Positive personal and cultural identity has an especially strong connection to Personal Awareness and Responsibility, particularly in the Personal Values and Choices facet and the Personal Strengths and Abilities facet.

Personal awareness and responsibility includes personal efficacy and self-advocacy – the abilities that students use to understand and take responsibility for their actions, including their learning; to make constructive and ethical decisions about their personal and social behaviour; and to recognize and accept the consequences, understanding how their actions affect their own well-being and that of others.

Development of personal awareness and responsibility begins within families and communities, before students enter formal schooling, and expands at every level of schooling. At each stage, students maintain and enhance competencies from previous stages, while developing new skills. Students move from demonstrating personal responsibility to relatively simple and highly supported situations, to demonstrating increasing independence in more complex and varied contexts. The development of competency in personal awareness and responsibility does not end with school graduation, but continues to develop in personal, social, educational, and workplace contexts.

The Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profiles describe and illustrate students’ development, focusing on the three facets described below. Note that these overlap, and any task/illustration is likely to demonstrate more than one facet and often includes facets from Positive Personal and Cultural Identity Profiles.


  1.     Self-determination

Students who are personally aware and responsible have a sense of personal efficacy and growing confidence in a variety of situations. They value themselves, their ideas, and their accomplishments. They are able to express their needs and seek help when they need it, to find purpose and motivation and act on it, and to advocate for themselves.

Example: “I” Statements:

  • I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy.
  • I can celebrate my efforts and accomplishments.
  • I can advocate for myself and my ideas.
  • I can imagine and work toward change in myself and the world.
  • I take initiative to inform myself about controversial issues.


  1.     Self-regulation

Students who are personally aware and responsible take responsibility for their own choices and actions. They set goals, monitor progress, and understand and regulate their emotions. Students are aware that learning involves patience and time. They are able to persevere in difficult situations, and to understand how their actions affect themselves and others.


  1.     Well-being

Students who are personally aware and responsible recognize how their decisions and actions affect their mental, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual wellness, and take increasing responsibility for caring for themselves. Students keep themselves healthy and physically active, manage stress, and express a sense of personal well-being. They make choices that contribute to their safety in their communities, including online interactions. Students recognize the importance of happiness, and have strategies that help them find peace in challenging situations.

Example: “I” Statements:

  • I can participate in activities that support my well-being, and tell/show how they help me.
  • I can take some responsibility for my physical and emotional well-being.
  • I can make choices that benefit my well-being and keep me safe in my community, including my online interactions.
  • I can use strategies to find peace in stressful times.
  • I can sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • I can sometimes recognize emotions.
  • I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions.
  • I can persevere with challenging tasks.
  • I can implement, monitor, and adjust a plan and assess the results.
  • I can take ownership of my goals, learning and behaviour.


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