Skill-Building #4: Sharing

Skill-Building #4: Sharing

Social Skill: Sharing

Student Steps:

Step One: Decide if you want to share something.

  • Talk about how the other person might feel if the student does or does not share.

Step Two: Decide who you want to share with.

  • If the student only wants to share with one person, point out that others around may feel left out.

Step Three: Choose a good time and place.

  • Discuss how to choose a good time: when another person needs or would enjoy using something that another student has.

Step Four: Offer to share in a friendly way.

  • Discuss what friendly body language, voice tone, and facial expression would look like.


Note: the teacher should create opportunities in the classroom for students to share work materials, information and other items. Doing so will not only increase the chances that students will master this social skill, but also enhance a sense of community within the instructional setting.


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