Hunter’s Best Friend at School – Activity #1: "Best Friends"

  • Kindergarten
  • Hunter’s Best Friend at School – Activity #1: "Best Friends"

Activity #1: “Best Friends”


  • Raccoon template (provided)
  • Construction paper or stiff tag board
  • Crayons/Paints

Teacher Preparation:

  • Trace enough raccoon templates onto construction paper or stiff tag board for each student.
  • Cut out templates.


Step by Step:

Step One: Have the students draw or paint a T-shirt and pants onto their raccoons.

Step Two: Decorate the T-shirt of the raccoon with the first letter of the student’s name. Each student can either draw the letter on the T-shirt or cut the letter out of construction paper and glue it onto the T-shirt.

Step Three: Have the students glue on the raccoon’s feet, tail, and black face stripe.

Optional: Print the first letter of each student’s name on the computer. Cut out and glue onto the T-shirt.


End Product:

Display raccoons in a row down a hallway or around the classroom walls so that their hands are joined – focusing on friendship.

Fun with Fin:

Print and cut the Fin image provided (in ‘References & More’ section) to an appropriate size. Have his hands joined with the raccoons down the hallway or across the classroom wall.



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