Book Studies and Fin Puppet and Doll


The intent of the Fin’s Friends program is to use resources that integrate current knowledge and research on learning and teaching. Various kinds of research continue to contribute to current knowledge about the learner and learning.

Brain research, in particular, affirms that learning is developmental, that emotions strongly affect brain functioning and learning, that learning is a multi-sensory experience, that the brain needs social stimulation, and that learning is affected by the environment, (B.C. Primary Program – A Framework for Teaching). Consequently, we have chosen books and activities that complement proven styles of learning. 


Fin Puppet and Doll

The Fin’s Friends program package also comes with an authentic Fin puppet and plush doll. These have been designed to act as teaching aids and visuals for the Fin’s Friends program. Teachers are encouraged to use the Fin puppet and doll in other imaginative activities as well, including role play with students where applicable. The Fin puppet and plush Fin doll are both machine-washable on the gentle cycle.

At the end of each book study, we have included a section called “Fin’s Tales.” This section is written from Fin’s perspective as he describes situations requiring good decision-making. Each situation that Fin describes requires solutions that are socially responsible. We encourage teachers to use the Fin Puppet and/or Fin doll to emphasize concepts and receive feedback from students.

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