ABCD Fin Sock-Puppets

ABCD Fin Sock-Puppets

Students will use ABCD Sock-Puppets to act out ways to solve conflicts. These puppets can be used all year to practice different ways to solve conflicts. This sock-puppet is of an orca whale (Fin), but feel free to be creative and use different décor to make any creature you’d like.


  • Large black socks – the bigger, the better (1 per student)
  • White & black felt/fabric
  • Black fabric tracers (provided)
  • White fabric tracers (provided)
  • Red felt fabric
  • Bristol board
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Googly eyes (2 per student)
  • Needle & thread or glue gun


  • Cut enough 4 x 4 inch circles out of the Bristol board for each student
  • Cut enough sets of black and white fabric for each student



Step One: Students fold their circle in half.

Step Two: Students apply glue all the way around the edges of the circle and push it into the end of the sock. Trim circle smaller if necessary.

  • Make sure it’s stuck to the toe-end of the sock. Let dry.

Step Three: Students glue the white fabric onto their sock:

  • Long narrow piece (A) goes onto the underside/belly of the whale
  • Round piece (B) goes under the mouth/chin area
  • Two small ovals (C) go on the side of the face/eye area

Step Four: Students glue the black fabric pieces onto their sock:

  • Glue each pair of flippers (D) together, making two thick flippers. Leave the wide ends apart. Let dry.
  • Glue the two pieces of fin (E) together, making one thick fin. Leave the wide ends apart. Let dry.
  • Once the flippers are dry, separate the wide ends, and glue them to the sides of the sock.
  • Once the fin is dry, separate the wide ends, and glue it to the top, middle section of the sock.
  • Glue the tale (F) on the top, back of the sock.

Step Five: Student cut a thin strip of red fabric (tongue) and glue inside the mouth.

Step Six: Teacher sews or glue guns the googly eyes onto the head.



A Fin Sock-Puppet that can be used to practice problem solving. They can be stored in a large basket in Fin’s Peaceful Place so that students can role play or practice using the puppets to solve problems.


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