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Grade 3 Books Overview

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Maddi's Fridge - Lois Brandt

Where Oliver Fits - Cale Atkinson

Because Amelia Smiled - David Ezra Stein

Grade 3 Discontinued Books

Effie - Beverly Allinson (Discontinued)

Don't Laugh At Me - Steve Seskin (Discontinued)

Because Brian Hugged His Mother - David L. Rice (Discontinued)

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain – Activity #6: "3-D Brains"

  • Grade 3
  • A Walk In The Rain With A Brain – Activity #6: "3-D Brains"

Activity #6: “3-D Brains”

This is a creative activity using plasticine to create a 3-D brain.


  • Blue or purple plasticine – fist-sized portion per student
  • Yellow plasticine – small amount per student
  • Black plasticine – small amount per student
  • Straight pins
  • File folder labels

Teacher Preparation:

  • N/A


Step by Step:

Step One: Remind the students what their brain looks like by displaying pictures or photos of the shape of the brain.

Step Two: Have students take chunks of their fist-sized portion blue/purple plasticine and roll it into a number of long, skinny ‘worms’ of various lengths (no thicker than a ¼”).

Step Three: Students then gather their plasticine ‘worms’ and form into a loose ball, bringing it all together to form a brain shape.

Step Four: Students add yellow plasticine to make two large eyes.

Step Five: Students add a tiny ball of black plasticine to make two pupils inside the yellow eyes.

Step Six: Students write on a label: “My brain likes to …. “ (E.g.: play hockey, do math, sing, etc.)

Step Seven: Students attach the label to the plasticine brain with a pin.


End Product:

Purple/blue 3-D brain similar to the brain in the story.

1 Comment

  1. admin admin - September 20, 2018

    I just did this with a Grade 3/4 class and they LOVED it! I cut the 3×6 blocks of grey plasticine into 4 sections rather than a fist size. I used googlie eyes on the yellow plasticine rather than black and white plasticine. They each named their brain. So much fun!!

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