Peaceful Chart

Peaceful Chart

Getting Ready for Fin’s Peaceful Place

This activity reinforces the idea of perseverance and encourages students to set individual goals.


  1. Fin’s ABCD Steps to Problem-Solving chart
  2. Fin’s Peaceful Place
  3. Chart paper
  4. Felt pens


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Step One: Review Fin’s ABCDs to Problem-Solving. Remind students that they are working towards being ready to use Fin’s Peaceful Place for resolving conflicts. Explain that there are ways to solve problems before they get out of hand and it is time to visit Fin’s Peaceful Place.

Step Two: Ask the students to provide ideas about how conflicts can be solved so others don’t get hurt. Record these ideas on chart paper. 

Step Three: Post the Peaceful Chart in Fin’s Peaceful Place. Explain that this chart is great to refer to when they are having trouble solving a problem.



Students have explored various techniques or strategies to resolve the conflict, and in the process, have created a Peaceful Chart to refer to within Fin’s Peaceful Place.

NOTE: There is a lot in this lesson for the students to absorb. Teachers may want to take a few days to introduce the various techniques on the chart one or two at a time.

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