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Grade 3 Books Overview

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Maddi's Fridge - Lois Brandt

Where Oliver Fits - Cale Atkinson

Because Amelia Smiled - David Ezra Stein

Grade 3 Discontinued Books

Effie - Beverly Allinson (Discontinued)

Don't Laugh At Me - Steve Seskin (Discontinued)

Because Brian Hugged His Mother - David L. Rice (Discontinued)

Because Brian Hugged His Mother – Activity #2: "Focus on Feeling Words"

  • Grade 3
  • Because Brian Hugged His Mother – Activity #2: "Focus on Feeling Words"

Activity #2: “Focus on Feelings Words”

This activity provides an opportunity for students to identify and understand all the ‘feeling’ words in the story.


  • Story Text handout (provided in Activity #1)
  • Highlighters
  • Blank overhead transparencies
  • Overhead projector & screen
  • Focus on Feeling Words worksheet (provided)

Teacher Preparation:

  • Print the Story Text onto overhead transparencies
  • Print enough Focus on Feeling Words worksheets for each student
  • Prepare a chart of all the feeling words (answer key) so that it is visible for the students after the activity is completed


Step by Step:

Step One: Using the same Story Text handouts the students received in Activity #1, students follow along as the teacher reads from the overhead transparency. Have students point out the ‘feeling words’ from the text. (E.g.  loved, appreciated, cherished, competent, etc.)

Step Two: Teacher highlights the feeling words on the overhead transparency and students circle or highlight the ‘feeling words’ on their personal copies.

Step Three: Once students have circled or highlighted all the ‘feeling words’, provide them with a Focus on Feeling Words sheet.

Step Four: Students are to recall not only how each character felt in the story, but also why each character felt this way and complete all the blanks.


End Product:

A fill-in-the-blanks worksheet where students have identified all the feeling words in the story.


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