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Grade 3 Books Overview

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain - Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Maddi's Fridge - Lois Brandt

Where Oliver Fits - Cale Atkinson

Because Amelia Smiled - David Ezra Stein

Grade 3 Discontinued Books

Effie - Beverly Allinson (Discontinued)

Don't Laugh At Me - Steve Seskin (Discontinued)

Because Brian Hugged His Mother - David L. Rice (Discontinued)

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain – Activity #2: "Working Together To Strengthen Our Brains"

  • Grade 3
  • A Walk In The Rain With A Brain – Activity #2: "Working Together To Strengthen Our Brains"

Activity #2: “Working Together To Strengthen Our Brains”

This activity helps students understand that working together in a positive manner strengthens our brains every day. Students learn that everyone in the classroom is important and powerful.


  • Large ball of strong yarn or string
  • A light rubber ball or large Nerf ball

Teacher Preparation:

  • N/A


Step by Step:

Step One: Have all students stand in a circle, including the teacher.

Step Two: Begin by having the teacher hold the ball of string and say, “An idea for me to strengthen someone’s brain would be to ____________.”

Step Three: Then, still holding the end of the string, toss the ball of string to a student across the circle, who will catch the ball.

Step Four: This student then shares their idea of strengthening someone else’s brain and then tosses the ball to another student across the circle, all the while, holding onto the string.

Step Five: Continue until the students have created a criss-crossed web of string across the entire circle. (It is important to remind students to hold onto the string when throwing the ball of string.)

Step Six: While still holding the string, ask for a few volunteers to share why being connected by a web like this might help us accomplish all the ideas to strengthen others’ brains.

Step Seven: Now try to bounce a soft Nerf ball on the web of strings. Ask the students what they think would happen if one of us drops the string.

Step Eight: Now have one student at a time drop their piece of string. Emphasize how quickly the web falls apart when even one of us is left out or does not do their part.

Step Nine: Ask the students if they think the web could hold up the ball now. Bounce the Nerf ball on the web again.


End Product:

A circle of students, each having described a way to strengthen the brains of another person, connected by a string of wool.

*Adapted from Don’t Laugh At Me Curriculum Guide by Peter Yarrow Productions.

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