The Recess Queen – Activity #3: “Together We Can All Make A Difference"

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  • The Recess Queen – Activity #3: “Together We Can All Make A Difference"

Activity #3: “Together We Can All Make A Difference”


  • Construction paper (black and various other colours)
  • Letter templates for COOPERATION and KINDNESS (provided)

Teacher Preparation:

  • Print letters to spell “Cooperation” and “Kindness”.


Step by Step:

Step One: Have each student trace four of their handprints onto various coloured construction paper. Cut out each handprint.

Step Two: Break the class into small groups—as many groups as there are letters in ‘cooperation.’ Give each group a letter cut-out.

Step Three: Have the students glue their handprints onto their letter.

Step Four: Display this large word along a large classroom wall or in the hallway of the school.

Option: The letters for KINDNESS are also provided in the worksheets.  There are a total of 19 letters using the provided letters for COOPERATION  and KINDNESS so there could be one letter per child.  Have students paint designs to fill their letter.  Once the paint is dry, students can cut out their letter.  Display in room as a daily reminder. Teachers may choose other words: compassion, fairness, friendliness, honesty, etc.


End Product:

  • A large character word built by all the hands of the students in the class.




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