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I Like Me - Nancy Carlson

The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

Giraffes Can't Dance - Giles Andreae

Wolf! - Becky Bloom

Grade 1 Discontinued Books

Doggie In The Window - Elaine Arsenault (Discontinued)

The Little Engine That Could – Activity #4: “Kind Words”

  • Grade 1
  • The Little Engine That Could – Activity #4: “Kind Words”

Activity #4: “Kind Words”

This activity helps the students become aware of using unkind words and making amends. Students identify words or phrases that are kind and caring.


  • Chart paper
  • Felt pen
  • Large yellow from paper roll 
  • Felt pen

Teacher Preparation: 

  • Cut yellow paper into a large circle.  Use the black felt pen to draw on a happy face.
  • Print “Put-Up Zone” across top of the face.


Step by Step:

Step One: Explain to the students that although they have already buried the unkind or ‘put down’ words (previous activity), sometimes they can come to the surface again. If a student should accidentally say words that were buried, they are to turn around and say something kind and caring to the person who was hurt by the words.

  • Examples: If the student says, “Johnny is stupid,” they must apologize to Johnny and use a ‘putup’ phrase. “Actually, Johnny is a very good student. He draws really well.”

Step Two: Brainstorm some of the replacement words/phrases students could say if they use unkind or hurtful words by accident. Teacher records student ideas on chart paper as a visual reminder.

Step Three: Explain to students that each time they hear a positive “put-up” statement, to share it with the class and print it on one of the strips of paper.  Glue the strip somewhere on the happy face where students can continually add new examples to the display. 


End Product:

A list of ”go to” phrases students can use if they accidentally say something unkind to another student. It is important that the teacher takes time to stop the students and reinforce this process.

Fun with Fin:

Fin wanted to pass along some put-up words that are related to hockey:

  • “Terrific play!” “Great game!” “Good pass!” “Perfect save!”
  • “Let’s try again” “Way to go!” “You’re the best!” “You are really good at hockey.”


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