The Kindness Quilt – Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The Kindness Quilt

written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace



Minna’s teacher shares Aesop’s Fable “The Lion and the Mouse” with the class. The children decide that the moral of the story is that no matter whether you are big or small, you can still show kindness. The teacher assigns the children to each do something kind, make a picture of it, and take that picture to school to share. It is their Kindness Project. Minna has many ideas and her solution is to draw all of the examples of kindness that she had that weekend as a quilt. The class likes that idea and soon they are all making their ideas into one large quilt that grows to include other grades.


Kindness is…

Using the blackline master provided (Kindness is…), have students create their own classroom kindness quilt. You can use old wallpaper samples to mount the drawings on. Or have the students create their own backgrounds using scraps of paper as the character in the story did. Encourage other classes in the school to join in.


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