Personal and Social Competency – B. Set of Profiles: Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency

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  • Personal and Social Competency – B. Set of Profiles: Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency

Set of Profiles: Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency

These profile descriptions include the three facets that underpin the Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency:

  1.     Self-determination
  2.     Self-regulation
  3.     Well-being

The three facets are interrelated and are embedded within the profile descriptions, which are written from a student’s point-of-view.

(From BC Ministry Site:​)



Profile 1

  • With support, I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy, and express some wants, needs, and preferences
  • I can sometimes recognize emotions
  • I can participate in activities that support my well-being

Profile 2

  • In a safe, supportive environment, I can share my ideas and accomplishments, and accept responsibility for my actions
  • I can use strategies that increase my feeling of well-being and help me manage my feelings and emotions
  • I can connect my actions with both positive and negative consequences
  • I make decisions about my activities and with support, take some responsibility for my physical and emotional well-being.
  • I can express my wants and needs and celebrate my efforts and accomplishments

Profile 3

  • I can be focused and determined
  • I can set realistic goals, use strategies to accomplish them, and persevere with challenging tasks
  • I can tell when I am becoming angry, upset, or frustrated, and I have strategies to calm myself
  • I can make choices that benefit my well-being and keep me safe in my community, including my online interactions
  • I advocate for myself and my ideas
  • I accept myself

Profile 4

  • I can recognize my value and advocate for my rights
  • I take responsibility for my choices, my actions, and my achievements
  • I can set priorities; implement, monitor, and adjust a plan; and assess the results
  • I take responsibility for my learning, seeking help as I need it
  • I use strategies for working toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle, for dealing with emotional challenges, and for finding peace in stressful times
  • I know how to find the social support I need
  • I have valuable ideas to share; I can imagine and work toward change in myself and in the world

Profile 5

  • I can identify my strengths and limits, find internal motivation, and act on opportunities for self-growth
  • I take responsibility for making ethical decisions
  • I can take ownership of my goals, learning, and behavior
  • I act on what is best over time, in terms of my goals and aspirations
  • I recognize the implications of my choices and consult with others who may be affected by my decisions
  • I sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • I am aware of my personal journey and reflect on my experiences as a way of enhancing my well-being and dealing with challenges
  • I can advocate for myself in stressful situations
  • I take the initiative to inform myself about controversial issues and take ethical positions

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