Odd Velvet – Activity #3: “A Stick Puppet Creation”

  • Kindergarten
  • Odd Velvet – Activity #3: “A Stick Puppet Creation”

Activity #3: “A Stick Puppet Creation”


  • Odd Velvet’s head template (provided)
  • Crayons
  • Odd Velvet’s dress template (provided)
  • 30cm (12 inch) pieces of wooden doweling
  • Odd Velvet’s glasses template (provided)
  • Construction paper
  • Heavy string or yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Google eyes
  • Stiff Tag Board

Teacher Preparation:

  • Trace enough copies of Odd Velvet’s head onto stiff tag board for each student.
  • Trace and cut enough copies of Odd Velvet’s glasses for each student using black construction paper.
  • Cut the string so each student receives three 30cm (12 inch) pieces.
  • Cut the ribbon so each student receives two 10cm (4 inch) pieces.


Step by Step:

Step One: Have the students cut out Velvet’s head.

Step Two: Using construction paper, have the students trace, cut out, and decorate Velvet’s dress.

Step Three: Glue Velvet’s glasses onto her face.

Step Four: Using coloured paper different from her dress colour, have the students cut the letter “V” out of construction paper. Glue the “V” to Velvet’s dress.

Step Five: Using heavy string or yarn, have the students glue three pieces to Velvet’s head as hair. If possible, have parent helpers teach the students how to braid.

Step Six: Tie ribbon around the ends of Velvet’s 

Step Seven: Have the students glue a pair of google eyes to Velvet’s face.

Step Eight: Have the students use crayons to finish the features of the face.

Step Nine: Using a glue gun, attach the wooden doweling to the back of Velvet’s dress and head.

Step Ten: Glue the heart from Activity #2 onto Velvet’s dress.

Optional: If possible, use real velvet fabric to cut out the “V” for Velvet’s dress.

Optional: Have parent helpers assist in attaching Velvet’s hair using a glue gun.

Optional: Set up a “Creative Centre” for students who complete their puppet early. Create this station with enough material for students to create other puppets based on different characters from the story.


End Product:

A stick puppet of Odd Velvet made by the students. They can use these puppets for role play, as a companion for the Fin Puppet, or as a reminder that it is okay to be different.




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