The Okay Book – Activity #3: "Fin Goes Home for the Night"

  • Kindergarten
  • The Okay Book – Activity #3: "Fin Goes Home for the Night"

Activity #3: “Fin Goes Home for the Night”


  • Fin – the stuffed toy
  • Fin’s Tale journal
  • Journal template (provided)
  • Journal cover page (provided)

Teacher Preparation:

  • Print enough journal pages for each student.
  • Decorate the cover for your classroom’s Fin’s Tales Journal.


Step by Step:

Step One: Choose one student every few days to take Fin and the Fin’s Tales journal home for one or two nights.

Step Two: Have Fin attend all the activities of the child on those days, focusing on being socially responsible.

Step Three: After Fin’s short vacation with the student, have the student (with the help of a parent), write in the Fin’s Tales journal describing the socially responsible behaviours he/she observed..

Step Four: On the same page in the journal, have the student illustrate a scene from their time with Fin.

Option: Send a letter home to the parents about Fin and the Fin’s Tales journal going home with a different student every few days. An example of a letter can be found in the worksheets for this activity.


End Product:

A journal entry by each student in the class (or scribed by each parent for the child) and an illustration of something the student experienced with Fin. Teacher can bind all entries together to create a Fin’s Tales book.

Option: Parent takes digital photograph of student at home and either emails teacher or prints photo at home and brings into the class. Teacher then glues photograph into child’s journal.



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