Teacher Expectations

Teacher Expectations

In schools implementing the activities within Fin’s Friends, students become the focal point. Language arts and other curricular areas become the vehicles by which students discover their individual potential and learn strategies for successfully creating positive interactions.

Students are introduced to the character traits/virtues and are given a common language with which to identify the virtue in various situations. They are given opportunities to learn what the virtue looks like and what it does not look like. In doing so, they begin to understand and practice what is expected from them as they mature and become responsible citizens.

Beginning with literature and practiced through directed activities, students identify, explore, and analyze a variety of approaches to problem solving that are appropriate for their age level. Teachers help students survey available information and consider possible choices. Students learn that choices have benefits and consequences and most importantly, students can learn to make informed decisions.

As experiential/ authentic learning evolves from positive peer interactions, pro-social student behaviours increase. In fact, use of the literature and activities within Fin’s Friends will help teachers bestow on students the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible and contributing citizens.

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